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The products of Deluxe Body Bars were born out of the vision by Kimberly Hudson-Grey to help those who experience dry hands.

With Kimberly's demanding job in the airline industry, she experienced dry hands from washing them frequently with drying soas and by traveling to different environments with varying weather conditions. Lotions just didn't work as well as she would have liked. In addition to that, she didn't want to continue using creams and lotions with the many chemicals and additives.

On her wedding anniversary weekend, her husband took her to the mountains of West Virginia where it was 9 degrees, and as you can imagine, the cold didn't help with her dry hands. She went into a local boutique and there discovered a product called a lotion bar. She purchased it, but realised it just wasn't what she expected. 

Still intrigued by the lotion bar, she read the ingredients and began to research the benefits of the natural products it contained. After hours of studying, investing in products and mixing combinations in her kitchen, Deluxe Body Bars was formed.

Deluxe Body Bars come in convenient reusable 2oz tins and are travel friendly solid moisturizers. They're the BEST all natural product for those experiencing dry hands and skin. Just rub the body bar in your hands to melt the oils. Enjoy!

Now recently added products are Hydrating Body Oils and Whipped Body Butters.

Great products without chemicals!


We use quality butters and oils to make our body bars for ultimate moisturization, the primary ingredient being unrefined shea butter.  Our solid moisturizing bars can be made in any combination of shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter and coconut oil. We also use great scented, high quality essential oils.  

These are our amazing products!



Our moisturizing Body Bars include:

Whipped Body Butters

Butter Body Bars

Hydrating Body Oils

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